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Proven Data-Powered Solutions for Brand Protection and Product Security

Strengthen your brand’s integrity and revenue with superior brand protection solutions.

The Leading Authority in Supply Chain Integrity

$1.77 Trillion

Value of counterfeit goods worldwide

$300 Billion

United States loses annually to IP theft

$67 Billion

Gray market loss to profits to IT manufacturers

Global companies face significant losses from counterfeiters and gray marketers, impacting various industries and supply chains. Brands are constantly under attack, eroding their value through counterfeiting, gray marketing, and IP theft.

As a brand protection company, we offer a comprehensive and technology-driven approach to maximize revenue by effectively addressing those challenges. Our expert brand protection consultant team provides quick and valuable insights into your products and supply chain and creates tailored solutions that leverage your existing data systems.


Make data-driven decisions to combat supply chain integrity challenges with True Pedigree's deep industry knowledge and tested solutions.


Address counterfeiting and gray market challenges by turning your data and business processes into practical and cost-effective technology solutions with industry experts you can rely on.


Safeguard your brand and bottom line with our multi-dimensional team of brand protection, product security, and anti-counterfeit experts.

Our Data

The True Pedigree Approach

Our data driven solutions are designed to increase your profit and reduce margin loss by leveraging your existing data to identify, quantify and prevent losses from counterfeits, gray market diversion and other attacks on your supply chain. Our diversely experienced team will customize your solution based upon your current and future threats.

Value of counterfeit goods worldwide

We then determine the best combination of tools for your unique circumstances.

Our flexible architecture is robust but allows us to make modifications to deliver a targeted tool that directly meets your needs.

Our Products

Data-driven Solutions for Brand Security

Experience the power of cutting-edge brand protection solutions designed to combat counterfeits, gray market diversion, and other assaults on your supply chain to maximize your profits and avoid margin loss.


Authenticate, track, and trace your products anytime, anywhere.

Utilize data from various systems throughout the supply chain to provide comprehensive data analysis and actionable insights that ensure product integrity, all within our web-based Analytics Dashboard.

Gray Hunter®

Real-time analysis of gray market diversion and margin loss

Seamlessly integrate Gray Hunter with your data and gain real-time visibility of product diversions. Allowing your business to make data-driven actionable intelligence.


Automated channel partner audits using your existing data

Leverage TPAudit's automated audit solution with your existing data and eliminate significant manual auditing efforts. Enable your business to provide effective and scalable compliance monitoring for channel sales and services partners.

Our Services

What We Offer

True Pedigree has leveraged this experience to develop game-changing Brand Protection tools and technology, but also consults with our clients to cost effectively protect their products and profits

Brand Protection Program Development and Benchmarking

Create and evaluate strategies to protect your brand's reputation from threats such as counterfeiting.

Brand Protection Investigations and Enforcement

Create and evaluate strategies to protect your brand's reputation from threats such as counterfeiting.


Create and evaluate strategies to protect your brand's reputation from threats such as counterfeiting.

Gray Market/License Abuse/Sales and Distribution

Develop data analytic tools to detect and quantify gray market diversion.

Warranty and Services Fraud and Abuse

Conduct warranty and services process reviews and fraud investigations to protect your business and ensure compliance.

True Pedigree's technology has enabled Cisco rapidly and efficiently to scale our audio program using our existing data. Since we began using TP Audit, Cisco has been able to reduce costs, increase the number of audits, and dramatically improve our channel compliance for the protection of our customers, while creating a level playing field for our authorized resellers.

Bill Friedman

VP, Compliance & Brand Protection

True Pedigree's technology-enabled actionable intelligence has fundamentally shifted our approach                                to product diversion, resulting in improved outcomes for our customers, channel partners, and Avaya and driving business success. I highly recommend incorporating True Pedigree's data driven approach into your brand protection program as a means to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in countering gray market activities.

Lisa McCann

Director of Brand Protection

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