Find answers to common inquiries about our brand protection solutions, services, and processes.
What is Brand Protection?

Brand Protection is the safeguarding of your company’s or brand’s intellectual property from infringements such as counterfeit, fraud, software piracy, copyright and trademark violations, and gray market diversions. Brand Protection helps increase revenue, reduce profit margin loss, and maintain overall brand value.

What are Gray Market products?

Gray market products are genuine products, but diverted from authorized distribution channels, such as authorized distributors or resellers. It is sometimes referred to as “parallel import” as gray products tend to cross borders to markets that bring the highest prices. The gray market can cost manufacturers billions of dollars in margin loss and price erosion every year.

Gray goods are generally not considered illegal, but it is important to be wary of these products as they may not come with manufacturers’ warranties and may not be authorized for service or upgrades. Worse, these products may have been diverted through fraudulent misrepresentations.

To learn more about the consequences of the gray market, read True Pedigree CEO & Co-Founder Shelley Raina’s Forbes Technology Council article here.

How are counterfeit and the gray market products different?

The products we see in the market, and the experience of a consumer, affect our perception of the brand. Counterfeit and gray market goods are a huge threat to a brand’s reputation, profitability, and relationships with its partners.

- Counterfeit goods are fake and designed to mimic trademarked products. Trade in counterfeit is often referred to as “black market” and is illegal. Often, these goods can be difficult to identify, may pose a health or safety risk to the user, and cost consumers more to replace or fix them. For brands, this results in lost revenue and reputational damage

- Gray market goods, although genuine, are sold through unauthorized channels. They are not typically considered illegal but come with risks for the consumer. The gray market can cost manufacturers billions of dollars in margin loss every year.

Which True Pedigree product can help me with brand protection? (GenuScan, Gray Hunter®, or TPAudit)

GenuScan can be used to authenticate your products anytime, anywhere by leveraging your private supply chain data. Learn more about GenuScan here.

Gray Hunter® provides real-time analysis of gray market diversion and margin loss by using your existing data to deliver actionable insights. Learn more about Gray Hunter® here.

TPAudit is an automated partner audit technology that analyzes your sales and distribution data against partner data to promptly find any anomalies and suspect trends among your sales channels and service partners. Learn more about TPAudit here.

What is the GenuScan solution?

GenuScan solves the mystery of product authenticity in the marketplace and provides a track and trace solution.

GenuScan solves the mystery of product authenticity in the marketplace and provides a track and trace solution. True Pedigree’s cloud-powered technology will let you as a brand, auditors, investigators, law enforcement or even consumers, authenticate products in real time!

GenuScan’s data-driven approach helps scale identification of counterfeit products in the supply chain anywhere across the globe and with any labeling technology or RFID/NFC tags. GenuScan also provides complete track & trace information in real time as the product is scanned.

Read more here

What is the TPAudit solution?

TPAudit is a SaaS solution that automates the channel partner audit process to scale audit programs. It leverages AI to automate the analysis of large data sets, allowing you to swiftly identify key trends, patterns, and anomalies.

This True Pedigree product was developed by experienced channel partner auditors and computer and data scientists focused on creating innovative solutions. Using TPAudit can help you streamline the audit process, scale your audit program, and increase partner compliance.

Read more here

What data sources are used by True Pedigree products?

True Pedigree products use your existing company data.

How do I try out True Pedigree products?

Contact us to request a no-cost demo of our products here.

Where are True Pedigree products and consulting services available?

Our products and services are available globally.

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