Gray Hunter®

Safeguarding Brands with Gray Hunter®

Enhance product security with real-time analysis of gray market diversion and margin loss

Research conducted by KPMG reveals that 5-30% of high technology products are diverted into the gray market, with similar rates observed in other industries. To combat this, True Pedigree developed a solution that equips your organization to quickly identify and quantify diversion, enabling enforcement, mitigation, and deterrence with Gray Hunter®.

GenuScan's Data-Driven Approach



  • Margin Erosion
  • Lost Market Share
  • Unfair Competition


  • Trade Compliance
  • FCPA Monitoring
  • Manage Risk


  • Identify Misconduct
  • Enforce Compliance
  • Limit Abuse of Incentives


  • Level Playing Field
  • Trusted Relationships
  • Reward Compliance

How Gray Hunter® Works

Gray Hunter® seamlessly integrates and analyzes your data from various sources, even if they are not connected. Enabling users to organize and examine the data and uncover any improper activity related to products, partners, and end customers. Moreover, Gray Hunter® offers a customized dashboard that provides a management overview of trends, patterns, and summary information for effective copyright and gray market protection.

Integrates and analyzes your existing data into actionable intelligence

Fully customizable analytics and visualization to suit your unique needs.

Quantify margin loss resulting from product diversion

Rapidly pinpoint problem partners, products, and geographies.

Identify non-EEA-compliant products (parallel imports).

Management dashboard to report trends and patterns.

Quantifying Potential Margin Loss for a $2B Company

Gray market diversion can significantly erode your margin and profits, but the good news is that it's avoidable. Mitigating this risk relies on your ability to detect such diversion and take appropriate gray market protection measures promptly.

In the case of high-technology products, the average rate of gray market diversion stands at 8.2%. This diversion leads to an average margin loss of 27.4%*. Considering your company's $2B revenue translates to potential annual savings of $44.9M.

*KPMG, Effective Channel Management is Critical in Combatting the Gray Market and Increasing Technology Companies' Bottom Line (2008)

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