Reliable Real-Time Product Authentication and Traceability with GenuScan

Authenticate and track & trace your product with confidence and precision

GenuScan's authentication products ensure product integrity, combat counterfeiting, and address potential regulatory issues. Scan to check your authentic product and leverage our data-driven approach to track and trace your products, ensuring supply chain integrity, combating counterfeits, and gaining valuable insights through our analytics dashboard. Empower consumers, auditors, investigators, and law enforcement to authenticate products in real time with our secure Cloud-powered technology.

GenuScan's Data-Driven Approach


Selected data sets from disparate systems across the supply chain are identified and regularly uploaded into the GenuScan Cloud platform.


Instantly compare scanned products by smartphones deployed globally with the client's supply chain data to authenticate and provide complete track & trace information.


Conduct a comprehensive product authentication check and leverage our web-based Analytics Dashboard to collect and analyze authentication data and gain valuable insights through Key Product Indicators (KPIs), metrics, and actionable intelligence.

How GenuScan Works

Every client engagement begins with an understanding of the client's business objective.

Works with any anti-counterfeit label / product label / RFID tag / NFC tag etc.

Real-time counterfeit confirmation

Complete Track & Trace information

Identifies non-EEA compliant products (parallel imports)

Fully configurable application e.g. Customs, Investigator, Auditor, C-Suite, Customer

Analytics Dashboard for actionable intelligence – No more spreadsheets!

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