Streamline Compliance with Automated Compliance through TPAudit

Use existing data to automate partner audits, detect irregularities, and safeguard compliance with advanced analytics

TPAudit revolutionizes the process of channel sales and services partner audits by automating the analysis of large volumes of data. Effective compliance requires robust audit programs, but traditional methods are often labor-intensive and costly, limiting scalability. With TPAudit, we've harnessed compliance automation technology to transform manual processes into swift, data-driven solutions. Uncover anomalies, detect trends, and gain immediate insights for further examination with the partner.

How TPAudit Works

TPAudit seamlessly performs targeted analysis, offering auditors instant insights into potential issues that require further examination with the partner. This powerful compliance automation software was developed by experienced auditors, who have utilized traditional tools and data for decades and computer scientists with extensive expertise in developing technology solutions.

Ingesting Data:

TPAudit seamlessly ingests vast amounts of purchase and sales data from both the manufacturer and the partner under audit. It can also integrate known diversion information from legal or enforcement actions.

Data Analysis:

TPAudit automatically analyzes the data, organizing it into "buckets" to identify potential issues rapidly. This enables the quick detection of unauthorized entities, suspect transactions, and possible diversion from customers of record by incorporating services and warranty data.

Ingesting Data:

Auditors can easily review the analytic findings and flag suspected transactions, which can be compiled into a report for follow-up with the partner.

Intelligence Module:

Enhance the analytical platform with an intelligence module that leverages accumulated audit data. Uncover actionable intelligence, such as identifying partners and brokers involved in diverting your product, the most diverted product SKUs, and the origin and destination of diversions.

Management Dashboard:

TPAudit includes a customizable dashboard that tracks audit metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for executives. Additionally, the platform calculates the margin loss associated with gray market diversions identified in the audits.

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