Protecting Brands with Comprehensive Consulting Services

Enhance brand integrity and profitability through customized Brand Protection strategies

Detection and Prevention

Utilize our expert team's advanced techniques and industry knowledge to identify potential threats to your brand, implementing proactive measures to prevent counterfeiting, gray market diversion, and unauthorized activities.

Investigation and Enforcement

Conduct thorough investigations of brand infringements or fraud, gather evidence, and confidently take the necessary enforcement actions domestically and internationally with our team of experienced professionals.

Mitigation and Risk Management

We assist in assessing risks related to brand protection, developing strategies to mitigate those risks, and implementing robust compliance programs to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

Tailored Solutions and Technology

Leveraging our extensive experience and technological expertise, we provide customized solutions and tools that enable efficient brand protection, including anti-counterfeiting measures, data analytics, track and trace technologies, and more.

Services We Offer

Review of current program structure, staffing, and funding
Assessment of the program in relation to best practices
Brand Protection goal setting
Evaluation of Brand Protection messaging and communications
Analysis of tools and methods
Review of enforcement actions
Investigation planning and execution
Management of investigations, both domestically and internationally
Test buys
Online brand enforcement
Evaluation of evidence for legal action
Manufacturing and supply chain security
Civil and criminal enforcement
Product design analysis to assess vulnerability to counterfeiting
Contract manufacturing leakage
Anti-counterfeit packaging and labeling
Track and trace anti-counterfeiting technologies
Forensic analysis of suspect products and expert testimony
Product authentication tools
Development of Customs manuals and recordation
Customs enforcement
Scoping of the counterfeit problem
Development of data analytic tools to detect and quantify gray market diversion
Channel compliance and partner audits
Review of channel partner contracts
Gray market analysis and scoping
Discount fraud prevention, investigation, litigation, and criminal referrals
License piracy and abuse
Development of data analytic tools to identify and quantify services fraud and abuse
Warranty and services process review
Warranty terms and conditions analysis
Warranty and services fraud investigations
Reverse logistics and scrap diversion
Civil and criminal case preparation
Warranty claims management

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